Cat in Bag i Table


eaching out in two directions, the Cat in Bag i Table has a curious capacity for shaping space and drawing together the things around it. Our simplest Cat in Bag variation is comprised of a mere three pieces that fit together without hardware. It has a simple structural assembly that forms a composition of flush, digitally crafted inlay onto the table surface. The Cat in Bag i Table shown here is an ideal coffee table for your living room.


Download for DIY


he Cat in Bag i download file includes toolpaths for a 11.75” high table that fits within a 39” square (1200x1200x350). You can mill a single table from ½ sheet of 4′x8′x¾” plywood, and use the extra material for additional AtFAB pieces like a few Rotational Stools or Beside Table. With only three parts that easily fit together either with or without fasteners, the Cat in Bag i makes a great CNC starter project.


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  • Width: 39″ (990)
  • Depth: 39″ (990)
  • Height: 11¾” (300)
Material Requirements
  • 1/2 4’x8′ Sheet of ¾” Material
  • 4 Fasteners
  • Optional Peg Kit
Shipping Information
  • Approximate Weight: 22lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 39″x39″x1.5″
  • Box: ULine S4929 (40″x45″x5″)
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n