Cat in Bag i Table


eaching out in two directions, the Cat in Bag i has a curious capacity for shaping space and drawing together the things around it. Our simplest Cat in Bag variation is comprised of three pieces, and has a simple structural assembly that forms a composition of flush, digitally crafted inlay onto the table surface. The Cat in Bag Table shown here is ideal for a typical living room arrangement, and will soon be available on Open Desk.


AtFAB Updates  Download for DIY


he Cat in Bag i download file includes toolpaths for a 11.75” high table that fits within a 39” square (1200x1200x350). Mill a single table from ½ sheet of 4′x8′x¾” material, and use the extra material for additional AtFAB pieces like a few Rotational Stools or Beside Table. Four table parts easily fit together either with or without fasteners. Accessorize your table with colorful 3D printed pegs. Find free files and more information at AtFAB’s Thingiverse page. Download files will soon be available on Open Desk.


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  • Width: 39″ (990)
  • Depth: 39″ (990)
  • Height: 11¾” (300)
Material Requirements
  • 1/2 4’x8′ Sheet of ¾” Material
  • 4 Fasteners
  • Optional Peg Kit
Shipping Information
  • Approximate Weight: 22lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 39″x39″x1.5″
  • Box: ULine S4929 (40″x45″x5″)
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n