Chest of Drawers


ince your things aren’t generic, your storage shouldn’t be either. We adapted the structure of our Open Storage Cabinet and added drawers. AtFAB’s next generation of case goods use the CNC to mill integral joinery that accommodates drawers and doors, without the need for hardware. The tall chest shown here is suited for storing your clothing or media, and can be tailored to suit your space or your prized possessions. Cut files for the Chest of Drawers and its slim cousin are now available.


Download for DIY


he Chest of Drawers download file includes toolpaths for a 48½″h x 36″w x 18”d (1234.5 x 919 x 450) chest with 4 drawer compartments. The design uses four  4’x8’x¾” sheets and 36 fasteners. Our most recent version eliminates the need for drawer hardware, by using the CNC to mill pockets and cut rails that yield smooth integral sliding drawers. We successfully prototyped the standard version as well as its tall, slim cousin, and are ready to share with makers. Click below to download these latest files to make your own Chest of Drawers.



  • Width: 36″ (919)
  • Height: 48½” (1234.5)
  • Depth: 18″ (450)
Material Requirements
  • 4 4’x8′ Sheets of ¾” Material
  • 36 Fasteners
Shipping Information
  • Approximate Weight:
  • Shipping Dimensions:  
  • Packaging:
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n