Open Cabinet


ince your things aren’t generic, your storage shouldn’t be either. The Open Cabinet is subdivided into a scaled array of cells that transform the storage of things into a curated display. As more of our possessions are stored digitally, the few things we still collect need proper accommodation. The unit shown here has compartments that accommodate small tools, your favorite LPs, and everything in between. If your prized possessions require more specific accommodations, we have an app to help you precisely customize the cabinet. The Open Cabinet and app are now available.


 Download for DIY


he Open Cabinet download file includes toolpaths for a 55″h x 39″w x 15½”d (1400 x 990 x 395) storage unit with 16 graduated compartments. The Cabinet requires two 4’x8’x¾” sheets and one ½” sheet for the interlocking dividers. Several Cabinet parts require ⅜” deep pocketed cuts to accommodate the internal dividers. For makers who’d like to make a custom cabinet, our parametric app is included with the download.


Download the File & App

  • Width: 60″ (1500)
  • Depth: 15″ (450)
  • Height: 60″ (1500)
Material Requirements
  • 2 4’x8’x¾” Sheets of Material
  • 1 4’x8’x½” Sheet of Material
  • 24 Fasteners
  • Optional Foot & Peg Kit
Shipping Information
  • Approximate Weight: 75lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 55″x38″x6″
  • Box:
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n