Rotational Stools


his pair of Rotational Stools share common proportions, interlocking joinery details, and variations on a rotational structure. An exercise in geometric relationships, look closely to find the nested golden sections within. Around the house, the stools serve many uses from low side tables to pedestals, and of course are handy when you need a step up or a quick seat. They work well as pairs or clustered in aggregate.


Download for DIY


he Rotational Stool download file includes toolpaths for two 15”h x 9.5” square stool versions (240w x 240d x 380h). A pair of stools takes up 1/4th of a 4′x8′x¾” sheet, with as many as eight stools nesting onto a single 4′x8′ sheet. Stools are an ideal first project or way to use up extra space on your cut sheet. Each stool is composed of 5 simple parts, which are easily fastened together with 8-16 screws or pegs.


Download Here

  • Width: 9½” (240)
  • Depth:  9½” (240)
  • Height: 15″ (380)
Material Requirements / Two Stools
  • ¼ 4’x8′ Sheet of ¾” Material
  • 24 Fasteners
  • Optional Peg Kit
Shipping Information / Two Stools
  • Approximate Weight: 11lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 15″x9″x4.5″
  • Box: ULine S4500 (20″x20″x6″)
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n