Rotational Table


qually at home in a corner, along a wall, or at the center of a room, the Rotational Table is a box of boxes that serves as a side table or pedestal. Display your favorite things in the outward facing compartments, while storing wi-fi in the other. A dynamic composition of solid and void on cantilevered corners makes for a deceptively light table. A few years ago, we developed this 2′ square version for MakerBot’s headquarters to accompany a set of AtFAB 90-Minute Lounge Chairs.


Download for DIY


ake your own Rotational Table. Our download file includes toolpaths for a 2′ cube (618 x 618 x 618). All 12 table parts efficiently nest onto a single 4′x8′x¾” sheet of material, as shown below. The Rotational Table parts fit together clockwise and in reverse, and can be assembled as you prefer. The table requires 28 screws or pegs, and you can further accessorize it with a 3D printed Peg & Foot Kit made from ABS plastic, available at AtFAB’s Thingiverse page.


Download Here

  • Width: 24″ (618)
  • Depth: 24″ (618)
  • Height: 24″ (618)
Material Requirements
  • 1 4’x8′ Sheet of ¾” Material
  • 36 Fasteners
  • Optional Foot & Peg Kit
Shipping Information
  • Approximate Weight: 45lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 24″x24″x4.5″
  • Box: ULine S4664 (26″x26″x6″)
Download Information
  • Total Toolpath: n