About AtFAB

Prototyping the Cellular Screen Installation at MakerBot Headquarters Preparing for exhibitions, at the studio AtFAB at the 2012 Maker Faire Early laser cut study of the Monkey Table

tFAB is a project co-founded by architects Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher. Through AtFAB, we endeavor to design simple, durable, modern objects that are beautiful in appearance and in how they are designed, manufactured, and delivered. We started AtFAB to design things specifically for digital CNC fabrication tools and networked manufacturing, in order to provoke a new way of designing, making, and buying things. Our line of furniture began as a small, open source research project within our architecture firm. We designed and tested furniture objects in our studio, and posted our design files for others to download, customize, and cut with CNC machines.

Since then, our furniture designs have been downloaded over ten-thousand times, locally fabricated by an global community of makers, and commissioned by private clients. We’ve published, presented, and exhibited AtFAB in a wide range of international venues, and recently saw the AtFAB 5-30 Minute Chair acquired by France’s Centre National des Arts Plastiques permanent collection. Called an “IKEA Disruptor” and “iTunes for Furniture,” AtFAB has been featured on PBS NewsHour and NPR, and published in Scientific American, The Economist, The Atlantic, MAKE Magazine, as well as numerous architecture and design publications.